A Birder's Diary

A Birder's Diary

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It took the unbridled enthusiasm of an eight-year-old child to open my eyes to the wonderful world of birds.

Up till that point I was a self-confessed avian ignoramus, having lived through to middle age oblivious of the beauty, and identity, of our fine-feathered friends.

When my son Luke, following in the footsteps of an older cousin, decided to make the gentle art of bird-watching his hobby, I was happy to tag along, acquiring bits of knowledge as we ventured further and further afield. 

That started back in 1999. Since then Luke, now 25, has notched up well over 400 "lifers" out of a Southern African total of more than 900 species.

This book, which includes 80 colour photographs, is a diary of that journey of discovery, one which I hope will be enjoyed by both novice and fully-fledged twitcher alike.

Please note that the pictures I took along the way are more of birding spots than of the birds themselves.

Since I did not have a camera with a telephoto lens (which would have made birding even more tricky), I urge potential readers of this book to acquire a decent field guide and also to consult the internet, where superb images abound of all the species mentioned.

Happy reading and may your bird-watching be enjoyable and rewarding.

– Kin Bentley, 2016


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